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  • Quadruple Torch Wear Plate Hardfacing Machine

  • Quadruple Torch Wear Plate Hardfacing Machine

  • Quadruple Torch Wear Plate Hardfacing Machine

  • Quadruple Torch Wear Plate Hardfacing Machine

  • Quadruple Torch Wear Plate Hardfacing Machine

Quadruple Torch Wear Plate Hardfacing Machine

JH-800Q is designed in the control mode for quadruple-wire welding mode, flux-cored wire and powder mixing mode, and in the manual mode, it can operate independently for each mechanism. During welding operation, wire feeding, powder adding, X-axis driving, the system accurately set the speed. In order to improve the surfacing performance of the whole equipment and improve the process and control performance of the equipment, our company adopts TECO 10.2 inch true color touch screen as the exchange unit on man-machine exchange, with remote control function. Users can operate independently by remote control (trolley, wire feed, start and stop) during operation, and the remote control can operate within a range of 25 meters. When welding various specifications of bimetal wear plate, the equipment system presets the function of data storage, including the function of wire feeding and powder feeding speed of each specification. The user only needs to preset the data of various specifications.



1Effective welding width≤1560mm
2Effective welding length≤3100mm
3Number of welding torch4 torch heads
4No-live load speed0-3000mm/min
5Surfacing materialQ235 Q345 Corben-steel plate
6Surfacing thickness of wear-resisting layer2-30mm
7Surfacing rate of wear-resistant layer100-300 mm/min
8Hardfacing Height0-80mm
9Hardfacing distance lifting modeManual mechanical regulation
10Machine accuracy standardAs Per JB/T5102-2005
11Linear positioning accuracy±1mm/5m
12Velocity error±0.5%

Streamlined Data Storage and Retrieval

The JH-800Q comes equipped with a comprehensive data storage function, which simplifies the welding process for different specifications of bimetal wear plate. Users can easily preset and store data related to wire feeding and powder feeding speed for each specification. This feature eliminates the need for repetitive manual adjustments, saving valuable time and effort. By streamlining the data retrieval process, the JH-800Q ensures seamless workflow and enhances overall productivity.

Specifications and Accuracy

The JH-800Q boasts impressive specifications that guarantee precise and reliable results. With an effective welding width of up to 1560mm and an effective welding length of up to 3100mm, it offers a generous welding area to accommodate various workpieces. Equipped with four torch heads, the machine provides efficient and uniform coverage, reducing the need for rework.

The surfacing material of choice for the JH-800Q is the Q235 Q345 Corben-steel plate, renowned for its exceptional durability and wear resistance. It can efficiently apply a wear-resisting layer with a thickness ranging from 2mm to 30mm, ensuring superior protection against abrasion and extending the lifespan of the workpiece. The surfacing rate of the wear-resistant layer can reach an impressive range of 100-300mm per minute, significantly enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Furthermore, the JH-800Q offers precise control over hardfacing height, allowing for a range of 0-80mm. The hardfacing distance lifting mode is manually adjustable, providing operators with the flexibility to adapt to different workpiece requirements. The machine adheres to the machine accuracy standard as per JB/T5102-2005, ensuring reliable and consistent performance.


The JH-800Q boasts a myriad of advantages that set it apart from its competitors:

One-Button Automatic Operation: With its user-friendly interface and simplified controls, the JH-800Q enables one-button automatic operation, streamlining the workflow and saving valuable time.

High-Quality Weld Deposits: The machine excels in delivering high-quality weld deposits, guaranteeing superior bonding strength and impeccable results.

Wireless Remote Control Panel: The JH-800Q features a wireless remote control panel, providing real-time display of trolley coordinates. This allows operators to monitor and adjust settings effortlessly, enhancing precision and accuracy.

Welding Wire Breakage Alarm and Break Point Detection: Equipped with advanced detection mechanisms, the JH-800Q promptly alerts operators in case of welding wire breakage, minimizing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted workflow.

High Productivity in Manufacturing: The JH-800Q significantly boosts productivity in manufacturing processes, enabling faster completion of projects and increased output.

Precise Control over Deposit Thickness and Shape: Operators have precise control over deposit thickness and shape, ensuring consistent and uniform hardfacing results every time.

Unrivaled Strength: The wear-resisting layer applied by the JH-800Q exhibits unparalleled strength, providing exceptional protection against wear and tear in demanding industrial environments.

Adaptable for Various Welding Processes: The JH-800Q is highly adaptable, capable of accommodating various welding processes to cater to different project requirements.

The JH-800Q quadruple torch wear plate hardfacing machine redefines surfacing performance with its advanced features, precise control, and unmatched advantages. With its exceptional capabilities and user-friendly design, it empowers operators to achieve outstanding results in the most efficient and reliable manner. Experience the future of surfacing equipment with the JH-800Q and unlock a world of possibilities in the realm of hardfacing operations.


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