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If you are looking for a Wear Plate supplier to provide you with Wear Plate and wear resistant products, then you have come to the right place. Even though Wear Plate is now very mature, Jinhua can always strive to make Wear Plate products even better. In addition to the best solutions and good service, we can also offer competitive prices for Wear Plate. Jinhua will help you to choose the right and best wear products, use Jinhua to develop overlay mechanical Wear Plate and wear products and help you to import them to your plant from China.

Wear Plate

The ultimate solution to all your wear-related problems! Made from a combination of abrasion-resistant chromium carbide overlay and a sturdy mild steel backing plate, our wear plates are the perfect choice for all your heavy-duty needs.

Wear plates (AR plates) or steel liners are used in many applications where friction between two parts or materials causes degradation. wear plates are consumable items used to prevent excessive wear or damage to expensive equipment. Chromium carbide wear plates are high-quality materials that offer exceptional wear resistance and durability. They are made by welding multiple layers of abrasion-resistant chromium carbide overlay onto a mild steel backing plate. This process creates a material that is extremely resistant to abrasion, impact, and other forms of wear.

Wear plates can be bolted to machines that slide or rotate during manufacturing, and they can also be found where manufactured parts or minerals periodically rub or abrade against surfaces. wear plates are usually a wear resistant steel plate and are considered to be very durable, especially under harsh conditions.

Increasing hardness and toughness

Improves and develops safety and durability

Reduce maintenance costs

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Wear Plate and liners can be made from many different materials: C954 Aluminum Bronze, 4140QT, 4340QT, AR400 and AR500 are common.

Wear Plate Applications

Chromium carbide wear plates are commonly used in a variety of industrial applications, including mining, construction, agriculture, and recycling. They are especially useful in environments where heavy equipment is used and where abrasion and impact are common. The wear plates are also used in areas where high temperatures and corrosive substances are present.

Wear plates or pads are used to prevent damage to the mainframe due to wear or impact and to increase the life of the machine. Examples of machines or components that may require Wear Plate or pads are:

Crushers, shredders, foundry equipment, steel and aluminum mill equipment, heavy earthmoving and lining equipment, wear blades, choppers, scrapers, mining tools, chippers, punching applications, bucket scrapers, etc.

Materials of Wear Plate

Wear Plate can be made from mild steel with wear ratings from A514 to AR400 or AR500, flame hardened grades such as 1045 or 4140 or through hardened materials such as 1045, 4140, A2, D2, S7, etc. Wear Plate is designed to remove the bolts from your equipment, allowing you to regrind and refill to the original height or replace it with another liner.

What else should I know before I order a Wear Plate?

You should know how hard the plate is and what the liner is intended to be. The harder the plate used, the longer it will last, but there are trade-offs to be made. For some parts, you will need a softer material that is intended to wear before your primary surface. In some cases, when not in the original equipment design, we can modify your equipment to incorporate these liner plates. If your equipment has lost some efficiency or does not have the same tolerances as new equipment, check for worn parts. There may be a simple and cost effective solution.

Don't settle for anything less than the best. Choose our chromium carbide wear plates and experience the ultimate in durability and wear resistance. Contact us today to learn more!

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