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  • Pipe Inner Surface Hardfacing Cladding Machine

  • Pipe Inner Surface Hardfacing Cladding Machine

  • Pipe Inner Surface Hardfacing Cladding Machine

  • Pipe Inner Surface Hardfacing Cladding Machine

Pipe Inner Surface Hardfacing Cladding Machine

Cladding, a process that involves depositing a protective layer on the surface of a workpiece, is crucial for enhancing durability, corrosion resistance, and performance. To achieve precise and efficient cladding results, the use of advanced cladding machines is paramount.

JINHUA set of pipeline inner wall surfacing equipment consists of rotating hardfacing welding torch head, hot rod tig-surfacing torch (three torches), tig welding power supply, hardfacing welding power supply, hardfacing wire feeder, electric carriages, water cooling system, related other mechanical system, welding control system, track automatic tightening system, outer wall cooling system and aerosol recovery system.



Cladding machines are specialized equipment designed to automate the cladding process, ensuring accurate and consistent deposition of cladding materials onto workpiece surfaces. These machines utilize advanced technologies and control systems to enhance productivity, reduce manual labor, and improve overall cladding quality. Cladding machines are commonly used for applications in industries such as oil and gas, power generation, aerospace, and manufacturing.

1Angular Velocity of Headstock Rotation0.5-6 rpm with an adjustment accuracy of 0.1 rpm
2Speed of Welding Torch Oscillation Movement5mm-1500mm/min
3Adjustment MethodStepless speed regulation
4Maximum Clamping OD550mm
5Maximum Rotating Diameter1100mm
6Maximum Clamping Length6500mm
7Maximum Load Bearing Capacity4500kg
8Weight of Equipment15000kg


Enhanced Cladding Precision: Cladding machines offer precise control over the deposition of cladding materials, ensuring uniformity and consistency in thickness and quality. They minimize human errors and variations, resulting in high-quality cladding that meets strict spec ifications and performance requirements.

Increased Productivity: Automated cladding machines significantly reduce manual labor and accelerate the cladding process. They are capable of high-speed and continuous cladding, leading to improved productivity, shorter project timelines, and increased output.

Versatile Applications: Cladding machines find applications in a wide range of industries and cladding processes. They are particularly beneficial for pipe cladding, where precise and uniform cladding is required along the length of the pipe. Cladding machines can handle various materials , including metals, alloys , and composites.

Improved Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness: Automated cladding machines optimize material usage and minimize waste, leading to cost savings. The precise control and repeatability of the cladding process reduce the need for rework or repair, saving both time and resources.

Key Features of Cladding Machines

Hardfacing on both workpiece inner and outer surface

High quality weld deposits

Surfacing thickness 1mm - 3.5mm (Single Time), dilution ratio of double-layer surfacing less than 5%

PLC program control system is adopted for welding control to realize the completion of complex tasks, and the human-machine interface is friendly and intuitive with stable control.

The welding tailstock carriage is capable of quick return.

Repeated positioning accuracy is ± 0.5 mm.

Optimize Cladding Efficiency with Automated Machines

Investing in automated cladding machines is essential for achieving optimal cladding efficiency and performance. Consider the following factors when selecting a cladding machine:

Advanced Technology: Look for cladding machines equipped with advanced technologies such as computerized control systems, robotic arms, and precise monitoring capabilities. These features ensure accurate and efficient cladding, resulting in high-quality end products .

Customizable Configurations: Choose a cladding machine that offers customizable configurations to suit your specific cladding requirements. Consider factors such as workpiece size, cladding material compatibility, and deposition methods to ensure seamless integration into your cladding process es.

Ease of Use and Programming: Select a cladding machine with user-friendly interfaces and intuitive programming capabilities. This enables operators to easily set up and control the cladding process, minimizing training time and maximizing productivity.

Reliable Support and Service: Partner with the reputable JINHUA to provide comprehensive support including training, technical assistance and maintenance services. JINHUA ensures your cladding machine runs smoothly, minimizes downtime and provides ongoing support.

Cladding machines play a vital role in enhancing cladding precision, productivity, and cost-effectiveness. By investing in automated cladding machines, businesses can optimize their cladding processes, achieve consistent and high-quality cladding results, and improve overall operational efficiency. Whether you require machines for pipe cladding, general cladding, or specialized applications, choosing the right equipment is crucial. Explore reputable suppliers that offer advanced cladding machines and experience the benefits of automated cladding. Contact us today at to find the perfect cladding machine that meets your specific requirements and takes your cladding operations to new levels of efficiency and excellence.


Pipe Inner Surface Hardfacing Cladding Machine Pipe Inner Surface Hardfacing Cladding Machine Pipe Inner Surface Hardfacing Cladding Machine Pipe Inner Surface Hardfacing Cladding Machine Pipe Inner Surface Hardfacing Cladding Machine Pipe Inner Surface Hardfacing Cladding Machine

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