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Advantage of Hardfacing

Feb. 17, 2022

Advantage of Hardfacing

With the increasing development of science and technology, the manufacturing of various commercial machinery is gradually developing towards the direction of import substitution, high efficiency and high main parameters, and the requirements for the stability and performance indicators of the equipment are higher and higher. As a branch of welding technology, surfacing of raw materials is a reasonable way to improve commodities and key parts and increase service life. In addition to plastics and aluminum alloys, porcelain, plastics, functional materials and composite materials can be used as surfacing alloy products. Therefore, according to the surfacing technology, the surface layer of parts can obtain various unique characteristics such as wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, moistening, insulating layer and so on. At this stage, surfacing technology is widely used in mechanical equipment manufacturing, metallurgical industry, power engineering, mining, engineering construction, petrochemical equipment and other industries.

Compared with other surface treatment methods, the surfacing method mainly has the following characteristics:

1. The fusion of surfacing layer and base metal material is the fusion of metallurgical industry, with high bonding strength and good impact resistance.

2. It is convenient to adjust the composition and characteristics of the metal materials of the surfacing layer. The adjustment secret recipe of the common arc welding surfacing electrode or flux cored wire is very convenient. A variety of aluminum alloy management systems can be formulated to meet the requirements of different situations.

3. The thickness of the surfacing layer is large. Generally, the thickness of the surfacing layer can be adjusted within 2 ~ 30mm, which is more flexible to the working condition of serious damage.

4. Cost reduction, good rationality. When the base material of the product is made of general raw materials and the surface layer is overlaid with high aluminum alloy, it not only reduces the manufacturing cost, but also saves a lot of precious metals. In the process of product workpiece maintenance, it is suitable to use surfacing aluminum alloy to repair the surface of damaged product workpiece, which can greatly increase the service life of product workpiece, increase the maintenance cycle time and reduce the product cost.

5. Because surfacing technology is to improve or repair the specifications of parts according to the way of electric welding, or make the surface of parts get an aluminum alloy layer with unique characteristics, it is not difficult for workers who can flexibly use welding technology and has strong enforceability.

As a branch of the electric welding industry, the application of surfacing technology is very common. The application of surfacing technology is widely used in almost all processing and manufacturing industries, such as mining equipment, transportation equipment, metallurgical industrial machinery equipment, transmission equipment, agricultural machinery, vehicles, petroleum equipment, chemical machinery equipment In the production, manufacture and maintenance of engineering buildings and their special tools, molds and metal structural parts.

According to surfacing, metal parts and commodities used in appearance design can be repaired, or bimetallic parts can be produced. The selection of surfacing can increase the service life of parts, control the cost and improve the design of products, especially for the rational use of raw materials (especially precious metals).


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