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  • JH-104 Flux Cored Hardfacing Welding Wire

  • JH-104 Flux Cored Hardfacing Welding Wire

JH-104 Flux Cored Hardfacing Welding Wire


● Low carbon high chromium has excellent toughness, high bonding strength, high temperature corrosion resistance.

● Used for surfacing welding of roll and so on.

● Continuous casting roll, pinch roll and so on roll surfacing welding.

● Repair valve, steam turbine parts, valve (bottom) seat, etc.


HardnessHRC 18 – 21
Welding Wire DiameterΦ2.8 / Φ3.2 / Φ4.0
Package50KG Roll Package; 250KG Drum Barrel Package

We can adjust different proportions of flux cored hardfacing wire to meet your needs in the industry!


Flux cored hardfacing wires in this hardness range are suitable for a variety of industrial applications, including:

  1. Agriculture: Hardfacing of soil-engaging tools such as plowshares, harrow discs, and tiller blades, where moderate wear resistance is sufficient to extend service life.

  2. Construction: Coating of equipment like loader buckets, excavator teeth, and dozer blades, which encounter frequent but not severe wear and impact.

  3. Mining: Hardfacing parts such as conveyor screws and chutes that experience moderate abrasion from material handling.

  4. Manufacturing: Surfacing of industrial tools and components that require moderate wear resistance and need to withstand repetitive use.


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