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  • JH-200HD Flux Cored Hardfacing Welding Wire

  • JH-200HD Flux Cored Hardfacing Welding Wire

JH-200HD Flux Cored Hardfacing Welding Wire


● Hardfacing surfacing material containing chromium carbide.

● High chromium cast iron is used for hard-faced components that are subject to heavy machine wear and moderate impact.

● Sugar roller, cement mixing cutter, wear plate, mining crushing, crushing teeth and coke crushing equipment.


HardnessHRC 58 – 62
Welding Wire DiameterΦ1.2 / Φ1.6 / Φ2.0 / Φ2.4 / Φ2.8 / Φ3.2
Package50KG Roll Package; 250KG Drum Barrel Package

We can adjust different proportions of flux cored hardfacing wire to meet your needs in the industry!

5.0 – 5.50.5 – 1.50.5 – 1.537 – 38-Bal

Hardfacing Flux Cored Wire - JINHUA

The substance that makes a high-chromium powder alloy wear resistant is a primary carbide formed from a compound of iron, chromium and carbon or iron, chromium or carbide, also known as chromium carbide. Pure, high-grade chromium carbide can be manufactured; however, the cost of preserving large areas is high, so JINHUA uses a mixed carbide, which contains both chromium and iron. This constitutes a primary carbide with the molecular formula M7C3, which specifies a mixture of metal and chromium in the compound.

No more slag cleaning

Low welding spatter

Flat and beautiful wear plates

High welding efficiency

Wire transition factor of 0.9 or more


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